Team Girl

Girls Support Girls was founded by Jillian Jacobs. Jillian has been an inspiration to many of us. She’s a great rider, and beats most of the guys up the hills, but not in the wind, she doesn’t like the wind. She is also passionate about wellness and has a deep understanding of sport and nutrition and has probably tried every nutrition bar, drink and gel on the market, though she prefers real food. She’s a warrior, as proven by her dogged determination to ride throughout her Chemo treatment for stomach cancer. And she’s a single mom of two beautiful young women.


Her life has always been about bike riding though she has felt it is a world dominated by men. Jillian and GSG’ers want that to change. Many sports are inherently and culturally male-centric, and it should be just as comfortable to be a woman rider as it has always been to be a man. What makes this possible? Community. Women helping each other in, not waiting for male inclusion. That’s how Girls Support Girls was born. It’s a group of like minded, positive women who believe in living well, making a contribution and rather like riding the odd bicycle or two. If you want to join us or you’d just like a chat, please drop us a line on